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Imagine a situation when you scatter them with a particular gel, put on a device with LED diodes and after youll be able to enjoy a smile that is snow-white. It appears to be a narrative from a movie or even a sci-fi publication, but we promise you that it is possible because of a pair of WhitifyIt is made up of a cleansing gel and a mild activating cap for its cleansing ingredients. For this reason, you can remove any discoloration of the enamel with no need for visits to the dentist, by yourself, and the gel is predicated on natural, completely safe ingredients.

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Now that we understand colour can be changed by our teeth, its time to restore their lost shine and snow-white colour.
  • We can do it in many ways, like using Whitify Carbon, toothpaste with active carbon, but also the opportunity will be more. Nothing stands in the method of visiting a dental office where different methods of teeth whitening are used, including the usage of LED lamp, which can be almost the same since the Whitify set.
  • It is crucial to prepare for the costs of a visit, attaining, based on the degree of discoloration, and even several hundred zlotys, and on one trip ordinarily does not end.WhitifyrnSo it is better to save both the expense and the hassle of frequent visits to the dentist in order to wash your teeth since check-ups are recommended and you should buy a kit that is sensible. Whitify made up of:A cleaning gel containing hydrogen peroxide used in dentistry for teeth whitening, which induces oxidation of dyes.
  • Another ingredient of this gel is aloe vera extract that protects teeth from excessive plaque aids in the treatment of inflammations and irritations from the oral cavity. Two additional important substances discovered in Whitify gel are pomegranate juice, that can be yet another, besides refreshing, refreshing and menthol breath, protection against germs and aloe vera;rnA flexible overlay on the teeth, that can be coated with a portion of gel before use;rnLED lamp which intensifies its functionality;rnA pair of tubes containing the gel described above;rnA tooth shade template, because of which you are able to adjust the level of whitening as you would like it to be;rnThe specific directions for use.

Návod k použití

  1. Application Whitify is childs play to performing a few steps advocated by the maker, which can make us like a smile, and also comes down.In order to have the ability to effectively whiten teeth and get rid of the plaque Its necessary to:Brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse your mouth to get rid of any residual toothpaste.rnConnect the cap and apply a small quantity of gel roughly 1/4 of its own capacity, in the syringe.rnThen put it in your own teeth, taking good care that the gel doesnt have any contact with your teeth.rnHold the overlay on your mouth for half an hour and.rnAfter 30 minutes, remove the overlay by disconnecting it from the LED lampand rinse thoroughly and then eventually brush the teeth.rnIt is simplicity of usage, due to these two components along that the Whitify enjoys uplifting positive comments. The customers and the specialists speak at superlatives about it, praising its speed and effectiveness in removing all, even discolorations.

Jak to funguje?

Whitify action is based on the two main components, whitening gel and LED lamp, that allows accelerate and to intensify the effects of the active components of the gel. Dentists broadly us light, and now weve got the opportunity to benefit from its properties in your home. It acts directly on the tooth enamel its coating and, in conjunction with the properties of this gel, enables us to obtain results that we have never dreamt of before. Some individuals can experience a slight impact of hypersensitivity, although using it is of course secure, and the gel itself, dependent on natural, plant-based ingredients does not cause side effects. In the next composition Whitify We will not discover any fluorine, for effects that are full it should be used for your subsequent 6 weeks, and the whitening process should last 30 minutes. If you own tooth implants and dentures on the teeth it cant be used, and after the procedure it is a good idea to brush your teeth.


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